This Ex-Cartoonist Dad Has Turned Breakfast Into A Form Of Art

About a year ago, Kevin Blankenship’s Instagram feed morphed from a place to share cute photos of his two young kids into one where he shows off what he cooks them for breakfast.

It’s no ordinary waffles and eggs.

Blankenship puts very thin pancake batter into a squeeze bottle and draws everything from dinosaurs and viking ships to zombies and mugs of beer.

The one-time newspaper cartoonist turned to advertising once he had a family. Between work and kids, there wasn’t a lot of time for drawing. But Blankenship found a way to be creative every Sunday morning.

“My kids love pancakes,” Blankenship told Business Insider, “so this was a way to put cartooning and parenting together.”

His kids make weekly requests, and the reception’s been so good online, Blankenship decided to create a Tumblr he calls randomBreakfasts exclusively for his pancake art.

He uses Bisquick as his base, one egg, some sugar and a bit of vanilla extract. Blankenship adds a little more milk than the recipe calls for and uses a mixer instead of hand stirring to get the smoothest batter possible.

Lately, he’s been interested in three-toned pancakes. With each layer, Blankenship puts a test dollop of batter on the griddle so he can see how dark it be before he flips the whole pancake.

“With ink, you usually work from light to dark, but this medium is the reverse.” Blankenship said, “Whatever is the darkest part of the picture, I put that down first. That’s usually the outline, and then I give it time to cook before I fill it in with more batter for the lighter parts. It’s all about timing and patience.”

Most people wouldn’t want to eat something that looks so pretty, but for Blankenship, his pancakes are first and foremost meant to make breakfast fun for his kids. After they watch him make his amazing pancakes, he wants them to enjoy eating as well.

“As long as the pancakes taste good,” Blankenship said, “You don’t have to worry too much about messing up the shape.”

Blankenship is really into three-toned pancake art right now.

He added the eye after he flipped this rattlesnake pancake.

This time, Blankenship laid the eye down with the first layer of batter.

The viking ship’s thin lines made this pancake especially precarious to flip.

The clipper ship was a little harder to flip because it’s taller.

This zombie pancake based on the Walking Dead is Blankenship’s favourite.

Here’s an ironic breakfast: Bacon and eggs made out of pancakes.

The symbol of the Mandalorians, a nomadic clan from Star Wars.

Blankenship thinks the colour came out great in this beer mug pancake.

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