Instagram Isn't An Indie Anymore

The question, inevitably, whenever someone sells out is how money and fame and fortune is going to change them, whether it’s a band or an artist or a social network. And every social network that makes it starts its life as a darling of sorts. That feeling rarely lasts, though Instagram has managed to make it last a little bit longer than most; it fostered an emotional attachment in part because what it created was inherently emotional. It was sincere. Whatever vestiges of indie darlingness it had left are being quickly stripped away, however, as it puts on more and more of the garb of a Facebook subsidiary.

It started, maybe, when Instagram tinkered with its Terms of Service, but that change is largely invisible — the outrage wasn’t, but looking at or using Instagram, you wouldn’t notice that anything’s different. And there’s that thing where it intentionally broke itself on Twitter, so you have to go to Instagram (or Facebook!) to see Instagram photos. But they haven’t made Instagram itself work or feel more like Facebook. Two new changes do.

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