Instagram hits 500 million users but people are spending less time in the app

What took Facebook nearly seven years to accomplish, Instagram has just achieved in under six. The photo-sharing app hit 500 million users today

With 80% of its users now from outside the US, up from 75% last fall, Instagram’s growth has relied heavily on its popularity in overseas countries like Japan, Germany, France and Indonesia.

Instagram has also hit 300 million daily active users. While 300 million is impressive, CNBC reported earlier this month that Instagram usage has actually dropped 23.7% between this year and last . So even as Instagram is reaching a wider daily audience, its users are spending less time in-app.

Nevertheless, with 95 million images and posts shared daily from users around the world, Instagram cofounder and CEO
Kevin Systrom seems pleased with where the photo sharing platform is positioned.

“It’s a big milestone for us because we set to create a community, not just a photo-sharing app,” Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder and CEO, told TIME in an interview.

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