We’re finally finding out all the secret ways people use emoji thanks to Instagram

On Monday, Instagram revealed in a blog post that users can now hashtag emojis.

The exciting news swept the Instagram world and people immediately began hashtagging their hearts out. Users can now click the search bar and go to hashtags to see how all of their friends and strangers are using the descriptive emojis.

Search emoji hashtags

Some trends are already emerging, so we decided to poll the most popular emojis to see how people were using them.

Instagram told Buzzfeed that the three most popular hashtagged emojis (so far) were the kiss emoji, the heart eyes emoji, and the crying-while-laughing emoji.

The kiss emoji had over 83,000 hashtags at the time of this post, the vast majority of which were selfies.

 emoji hashtags

When you look in search, it has a lot of people feeling their look:

Lol have to post this because it goes with my last post #playastatus #sidechick #lmaojk #kissesforeveryone #endoftheyearlove #