Instagram asked users to imagine what the future looks like -- and the results are stunning

Each week, Instagram posts a prompt to its account, calling on the social networking app’s 400 million users to submit photos that fall in line with that theme.

The most recent Weekend Hashtag Project (#whp) asked participants to make pictures “inspired by what they imagine fashion, architecture, and everyday life will look like in the future.”

More than 8,000 posts surfaced by Monday as part of #whpfuturistic. Here are some of our favourites.

Instagram user whatsupdan captured a group of guys flying their quadcopters on a basketball court in Portland, Oregon.

'The Matrix' inspired this gravity-defying shot by user zebgoodman.

A steel art installation in Yokohama, Japan, looks like the future's most gut-wrenching roller coaster.

User kivander suspects extraterrestrials will be rather fashion-forward.

While user neverbadtimeforchanges sets lower expectations for visiting aliens.

Or perhaps robot armies will invade planet Earth first, supposes user lavidaenundisparo.

Ideally, humans will have some pretty sweet exoskeletons by then.

'In the future, food procurement requires shuttle transportation,' writes user onecutedevotchka.

Algae turns this famous lagoon an eerie shade of green in El Golfo, located off the coast of Spain.

User mattcrump reimagines London's famous Gherkin building as an alien egg.

User febihariadi compares these viewing platforms at Indonesia's Ragunan Zoo to a futuristic space station called Elysium, made famous by a movie of the same name.

A city bus emerges from the fog in Netherlands.

This street corner in London provides the perfect backdrop for a futuristic fashion shoot by user rockkhound.

'The future is already here,' says user will_insull about this stunning shot outside Houston's Greenway Plaza.

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