Instagram Is Expanding Its Staff Right Before It Launches A Huge New Video Feature (Tomorrow)

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It’s widely believe that Facebook’s Instagram will reveal a new video feature tomorrow.

In fact, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom mysteriously cancelled a pre-arranged appearance at the Cannes Lions advertising festival this week so he could be at the press event.

Video is so important for Facebook and Instagram that they are holding an event where it will be the only focus.

This is the first time the 100-million user network, Instagram, will stray from being a strictly photo-sharing app, says Mike Isaac of AllThingsD

Sources tell Isaac that Facebook is trying to separate itself from Twitter’s Vine, a popular video app, that has gained 13 million users in six months. And Facebook is beefing up its staff to compete.

The Wall Street Journal points to Facebook’s career page where there are seven open positions for the Instagram team. These positions include, “manager of public policy, front-end software engineer, and product designer. The group is also looking for software engineers dedicated to mobile.”

But Vine isn’t yet phased. Yesterday, the company teased new features ahead of Instagram’s big reveal. 

Facebook is betting big on Instagram’s new video feature. The social network has tried before to copy features from other popular apps like Snapchat, but hasn’t been successful. Stay tuned tomorrow will prove to be a big day for Facebook and Instagram.

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