HOW TO: Automatically Save Instagram Photos To Your Dropbox As You Take Them


Photo: Dylan Love

Attention, Instagram addicts!What if every time you shot a photo with Instagram, it was automatically backed up to your Dropbox?

That dream of automatic cloud storage just became a reality thanks to a wonderful webapp called InstaDrop. All you need to do is give it permission to access your Instagram and Dropbox accounts, and it does the rest.

Why not use Instagram to its fullest?

Login with your Instagram username to verify your credentials.

You'll be prompted to log in to verify your Dropbox account. Do it!

When you see this screen, your accounts are properly set up to save your Instagram photos to Dropbox as you take them.

That's it! Use Instagram to take photos and they'll automatically be saved to your Dropbox.

That's just one interesting thing you can do with Dropbox.

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