An Insta-famous mum is using her platform and adorable 'litter critters' to educate her followers about litter

Courtesy of @allthatissheThe original litter critter.
  • Dominique Davis co-runs the ever-popular Instagram account @allthatisshe.
  • In summer 2018, she and her family took a vacation to Malaysia, volunteering to clean up a beach and discovering just how much trash litters our neighbourhoods, streets, and beaches.
  • Her recent initiative, Project Litter Critter, creates adorable creatures out of the litter they find to raise awareness about this very problem.

Dominique Davis and her partner, Dominic, run the uber-successful Instagram account @allthatisshe. Amassing as many as 547,000 followers, it’s mainly filled with adorable photos of Davis and their two daughters, with hilarious captions about their daily lives.

During a recent vacation to Malaysia, the family participated in a beach clean-up and discovered a harrowing amount of litter. Davis decided to create an adorable “critter” made up entirely of the trash they cleaned up, and posted it with the hashtag #ProjectLitterCritter.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Project Litter Critter, and why Davis decided it was time to use her platform to raise awareness.

Dominique Davis, better known as @allthatisshe, is using her platform to make a difference with a new project she’s called Project Litter Critter.

Davis started her Instagram account in 2015 when she was on maternity leave. “It was a creative outlet and a way to ‘meet’ other like-minded people during a time when my days were repetitive, and my only companion was a baby (and she wasn’t much of a conversationalist),” she told INSIDER.

Now, her and her partner Dominic, a.k.a. Boy Dom, work together to create content for the Instagram.

Project Litter Critter was born in summer 2018. Her family was on vacation at a Malaysian resort, Batu Batu, and they volunteered to participate in a beach clean-up.

“In just 30 minutes,” Davis told INSIDER, “along with the other volunteers and the conservation team, we had amassed around 20 large bags full of waste – anything from fishing nets to toothbrushes and plastic straws.”

This led to the creation of the first Litter Critter, this turtle, which also happens to be Davis’ favourite.

“There’s a real juxtaposition between these seemingly cute animals and the more sinister connotations behind them. The cuteness draws people in, but it’s the message that keeps them interested,” she said.

They chose a turtle because it is “a critically endangered animal that the conservation team on Batu Batu island work tirelessly to protect.”

Now Davis is encouraging her followers to create their own litter critters, and share them on Instagram or upload them to her website.

Davis picks her favourite submissions to showcase on her Instagram stories, plus a “monthly winner who will receive a boxful of goodies.”

It’s hard to tell what’s a submission and what’s an @allthatisshe original.

Courtesy of @goldfeinbakalovAnother fan submission.

You can find the submission form here. As of November 6, 2018, there have been 2,980 pieces of litter collected for Project Litter Critter.

Davis hopes that Project Litter Critter helps her followers see that litter is a problem that affects us all.

During the making of this critter, “a man walked past looking quite confused, probably wondering what we were doing (or going to do) with multiple bags filled with rubbish while dragging along a rusty scooter that had been left in the bushes. “

“The project is about working together and exploring our creativity to address an issue that is costing our planet dearly.”

Courtesy of @allthatisshe‘Billy the bin bag badger.’

“We all see litter,” Davis said, “but we often see it as someone else’s problem. ‘I didn’t drop it, therefore it’s not my responsibility to pick it up.'”

“But, once it’s there, lying on the ground, blowing around our streets, across our countryside and into our seas, it is our responsibility. It’s our planet, and we should all be doing our bit to clean it up. So, we want people to see picking up litter as the norm. We want to prove that picking up litter is not something you should be ashamed of – it’s something to shout about proudly,” she continued.

“Educate our kids, make it fun, do it solo or as a group, spread the word and help to clean up our planet.”


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