There’s A War Brewing Between Twitter And Instagram

instagram menu self shot

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UPDATE: While speaking at Le Web, a tech conference in Europe, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom apologized for dropping Twitter support and pledged that “we will always be integrated with Twitter.”PREVIOUSLY: Instagram has disabled the ability to properly display its images in tweets, reports the New York Times

Instead of properly seeing a full Instagram photo on a tweet’s page, it appears strangely cropped. You’ll have to click its link and go to Instagram’s website or app to see the image as it was intended.

Twitter’s technical explanation for this is that Instagram has “disabled Twitter cards integration,” a feature that Instagram previously used.

This is a huge departure from how things used to be, with the two services working hand in hand. Over the summer, Twitter blocked Instagram from scanning your Twitter connections to find new people to follow on Instagram.

For what it’s worth, the NYT article also mentions that Twitter is expected to introduce photo filtering abilities to its mobile app.