Instagram has released a list of some of the quirkiest trends in Australia, from avocado art to 'cleanstagrams'

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  • Instagram has lifted the lid on some of its latest trends in Australia.
  • In its inaugural A-Z of Instagram report, the platform highlighted the 26 trending hashtags, communities and accounts in Australia.
  • Some of the quirkiest trends include avocado art, cleanstagrams, cross stitching and zodiac memes.

What’s trending on Instagram?

Instagram has released its inaugural A-Z of Instagram report, identifying the wacky and wonderful trends across its site in Australia.

The report pinpointed 26 emerging trends, creator accounts and communities based on three criteria: whether it has had a significant growth in engagement by Australia’s Instagram community over a 90-day period in 2019, whether it is unique and whether creators adhered to Instagram’s values including well-being and being ‘people-first’.

While some of the trends in the report were more uplifting, such as body positivity, sustainable travel and the Tiddas 4 Tiddas account – which brings stories of Indigenous women to light – there were a number of quirky trends that have been taking over the ‘gram. These included avocado art, zodiac memes and cross stitching.

“From avocado art to zodiac memes, there’s no denying that there’s something for everyone on Instagram,” Noelle Kim, Head of Marketing, Instagram APAC said in a statement. “This list highlights how Australians are using the platform to share their passions and connect with like-minded people all over the country.”

Here are some of the quirkiest trends on Instagram:

Avocado art

Forget avocado on toast. Daniele Barresi takes avocados to another level by making intricate designs on them… as well as other fruit and vegetables.


This trend is all about showing off your intense organising skills. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Face jewellery

Fashion and beauty bloggers thrive on Instagram and face jewellery is one current trend. It includes everything from diamonds on your face to facial piercings.

Lake Tyrrell

Lake Tyrell is Victoria’s largest inland saltwater lake and has a stunning pink colour. According to Time Out, the lake turns pink during warm and wet seasons because of the red pigment secreted by pink micro-algae.


Yes, that’s the hashtag. It captures the motion dogs make when they lick their noses.

Cross stitching

This isn’t just a trend for your grandma, though she might get into it too. Instagram said the hashtag has grown 42% over the past three months, with users showcasing their cross-stitching skills with daily affirmations, pop culture references and custom portraits.

Zodiac memes

Once you know your zodiac sign, what better way to bond with others of the same sign than with a meme?

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