Instagram Accidentally Gets A Ton Of Website Traffic With 300 Million Monthly Pageviews


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Instagram has received a lot of attention for quickly scaling its iPhone app downloads. The photo-sharing app reported 15 million users in a little over one year of existence.Cofounder Kevin Systrom tells Gigaom that Instagram’s website traffic is also surprisingly massive.  He says it is receiving 10 million daily page views and about 300 million monthly pageviews.

If you’ve ever visited Instagram’s website, you know it is just a link to download the iPhone app. There’s no ability to photo browse unless you use a third-party app. So unless you have an Instagram account, the only way you’re getting to a page on the site is through someone else’s shared photo link.

Not to mention Instagram is only available on the iPhone. Once it launches the Android app, there will be another big spike in downloads and incidental web traffic.