Insta-Win: Here's Why Brands Can't Afford To Not Be On Instagram

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No, there’s no dashboard or back-end metrics. And no sales team to support advertisers–yet. But Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service that Facebook bought for $1 billion on Monday, is Mecca for brand advertisers.Why?

It’s a place where display advertising actually works. Yep, that’s right: people want to look at your ads.

Just don’t call them ads. Instead, call them images, and make sure they’re (actually, truly) interesting or beautiful to look at. One smart angle is the “behind-the-scenes” approach taken by brands such as General Electric, CNN, and Burberry. As a consumer, I don’t know much about GE’s engineering division, and I might not profess to care. But amazing, colour-saturated photos of engines and repairs, which turn my iPhone into a portable gallery of industrial-flavored art? Yes, please. CEO Kevin Systrom has suggested Instagram may be the next great platform for display, and he now has the resources of Facebook –expected to IPO at $75-100 billion later this month — to back him up in developing it.

So how can you use Instagram and other social platforms smartly? You can find out more at Social Commerce Summit, Business Insider’s one-day conference diving deep into the best practices in social-media marketing, sales, branding and engagement.

The Summit takes place June 7 in Chicago. You can reserve an extra-early-bird ticket now.

Brand marketers from Walmart, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Gatorade, and more Fortune 500 companies will convene to share strategies, alongside emerging private companies and leading investors. Speakers include:

  • Eric Lefkofksy, Co-founder, Groupon; Co-founder, Lightbank
  • Kim Musgrave, Social Media Team Lead Manager, McDonald’s
  • Brian Spaly, CEO, Trunk Club
  • Rich Lesperance, Head of Digital Marketing & Emerging Media, Walgreens
  • Seth Kravitz, Co-founder & CEO, Technori
  • Cam Balzer, CMO, Threadless
  • Jon Teo, Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners
  • Ned Kumar, Senior Strategic Marketing Fellow, FedEx

They’ll share industry insight on topics including:

  • Mobile And Local Commerce: Where’s The Money?
  • Engagement IS The New Marketing: How Do You Do It Right?
  • From Blah, Blah, Blah to Ka-Ching: Product Discovery Decoded
  • How Social Features Boost Sales: Real Case Studies From Successful Companies

See the full agenda and speaker faculty for additional information, and @BI_Events on Twitter for updates and discounts. We’d love to see you in June!


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