This Is The Easiest Way To Make A Cool Facebook Cover Image


Photo: Screenshot

Facebook’s Cover image feature is a compelling way to customise the look of your Facebook profile.It’s easy to pick one that looks goofy, though.

Enter Insta Cover, a web app that makes it easy to build a cover image by collaging your Instagram photos that are already online.

We took it for a spin — here’s how it works.

Sign in with your Facebook credentials

A preview of your image appears below it

You can click the X in the top right corner of each picture to delete it and automatically replace it with a new one

You can also click and drag the picture to manually rearrange them

Insta Cover creates a new Facebook album and saves the photo there -- we still have to manually set it to be our cover photo

Agree to the terms

Your Insta Cover photo appears as a recent upload. Click on it.

And it appears as your new Cover Image. Click on Save Changes and you're done!

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