7 Inspiring Ways To Start Your Day

Dance dancing dancer woman nightclubShutterstockJam out to your favourite song as soon as you wake up.

How you spend your morning impacts your entire day, so it’s important to get going on the right foot.

But sometimes it seems like a game of chance waiting to see if you’ll wake up motivated or not — unless you take matters into your own hands, that is.

A recent Quora thread asked users to share their best strategies for finding inspiration first thing in the morning, and we’ve rounded up the best responses. From learning something new to fitting in an early morning yoga session, you’re sure to find what inspires you.

Here are seven of our favourite answers:

Spend a few minutes with your vision board.

Quora user Yair Simo suggests building a “vision board” and placing it right in front of your bed, so as soon as you wake up you’re reminded of what inspires you. “The vision board should include pictures, symbols, and words that represent the place you would like to see yourself in the future, and more importantly, the feeling you imagine to have in the future,” he says.

Learn something new.

“I really like reading what happened yesterday right when I wake up,” Brett Moyer says. “As soon as I’ve done that, I feel like I can go into the day with some information to use: whether it’s waiting for the bus or around the water cooler, I know that I’m prepared for a conversation with anyone no matter the situation.” You never know who you’ll end up talking to.

Find something to be grateful for.

Finding a reason to be positive in the morning will prepare you to have a confident attitude throughout the whole day. “You can focus on transforming negative thoughts into positive ones through practicing gratitude,” explains Kristen Runvik. Before getting out of bed, think of something you’re thankful for, or challenge yourself to respond to difficult situations with patience and kindness, Runvik advises.


Dear Kate
An early morning yoga session can help you clear your mind.

Break a sweat.

Several Quora users tout the benefits of morning workouts, which leave you energized and ready to tackle anything.

Amanda Nelson chooses daily runs because “it enables you to focus on yourself, and the longer you run, the more your stressful thoughts drift away,” she says. Bhavika Kala indulges in early morning yoga sessions, which make her “ready to face the challenges the day has to offer.”

Work toward one of your goals.

Every night, Jonathan Chung makes a list of goals he wants to accomplish the next day — including scheduling time to work on long-term projects — and spends his first 30 minutes each morning accomplishing one of those goals. Whether it’s as simple as clearing out your inbox or as complex as learning another language, nothing feels better than checking something off your to-do list before you’ve even left for work.

Dance to your favourite song.

There’s nothing quite like good music to pump you up for the day ahead. Margaret Weiss suggests making a playlist of all the songs that make you feel alive, then singing and dancing along each morning. “This will make you walk out of the house saying to yourself, ‘Let’s do this, world!'” she says.


Quora user Pratishtha Gupta recommends taking a few minutes each morning to just smile. “Feel the happiness, feel the bliss,” she says. Though it may seem silly at first, it’s hard to feel grumpy when you’re smiling wide. Fake it ’til you make it, as they say.

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