Pinterest-Obsessed Retailers Are Missing The Real Social Secret

InSparq Pinterest salesHere’s why Zappos should be making more money from Pinterest.

Photo: InSparq

New York e-commerce entrepreneur Richie Hecker thinks retailers are doing social all wrong.His company, InSparq, makes technology for social commerce, and Hecker tells us they’re seeing better results than Zappos, which recently reported that a share on Pinterest only generates 75 cents in new sales on average.

InSparq’s customers see 92 cents per share on average, but that gets a lot better depending on the category—$1.40 for cosmetics retailers, and $5.09 for clothing.

Zappos, an online shoes and clothing retailer owned by, could be doing things better, according to Hecker. Its Pinterest-sharing tool, for example, just posts an image and a product name. Including some “suggestive copy,” Hecker says—for example, “Here’s my latest find on Zappos: [product name]”—could boost its results.

But Hecker has a much simpler suggestion: email. An email share generates $5.90 on average across InSparq’s network.

Groupon, One Kings Lane, and a ton of other retailers have found that email’s an effective marketing channel. It’s just not as sexy as Facebook or Twitter. (To its credit, Zappos does include email as a sharing option.)

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