John Kerry: Insider Trading Accusations Are 'Unequivocally False'

U.S. Senator John Kerry is pushing back hard against a new book accusing him of engaging in so-called Congressional insider trading, using his powerful position in the Senate to reap huge financial rewards.

The book, Throw Them All Out by conservative Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer, has caused a flurry in Washington this week, prompting a number of senators to propose restrictions on how Washington insiders can invest their money. Kerry is a primary target of the book, which accuses the Massachusetts Senator of using insider knowledge about healthcare and financial reform to inform his investments.

Kerry has adamantly denied any wrongdoing, and is demanding the book’s publisher issue a retraction. The Senator’s office says Kerry and his wife’s investments are managed by independent trustees.

In a letter to publisher Houghton-Mifflin Monday, Kerry called Schweizer’s accusations “unequivocally false” and “beyond inaccurate.” He asked Houghton-Mifflin for a “public acknowledgment that Mr. Schweizer — who did not present these accusations to me or my office for a response — erred in making these assumptions and accusations in my case.”

Here is the full letter:


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