Insider Trader John Hartman's Brother Has Left His Job At UBS In NY: Report

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The brother of convicted insider trader John Hartman has left his job as an executive director at UBS in New York, according to The Australian.

Last week the two brothers were accused in court of conspiring to rig a horse race. John is the star witness in a case against his former best friend, Oliver Curtis.

According to the report it is unclear whether his brother Edward quit, or was asked to leave the firm where he was co-head of prime brokerage sales.

As well as showing the pair discussed rigging the horse race, their email exchanges raise several ethical questions.

In one, dated November 2007 Edward writes to John “I love f . . king over private clients. Lets go get a bottle of champagne.”

John has already served 15 months for trading on inside information gleamed in his role as an equities analyst at boutique firm Orion Asset Management.

He is now a witness against Oliver Curtis, who is accused of allegedly trading on the information with a CMC Markets account the pair allegedly set up.

The emails were in the possession of the corporate regulator ASIC — which is bringing the case — and were obtained by Curtis’ lawyers under a discovery request. They were used in an attempt to discredit Hartman as a witness.

There’s more here.

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