The 5 biggest insider stock buys of last week

Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne, a cybersecurity firm, rings a ceremonial bell during his company’s IPO at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., June 30, 2021.
  • Here are the five top insider stock buys from last week.
  • Companies include: Enovix, Imara, Cricut, SentinelOne, and Dirtt Environmental Solutions

Insider is watching which corporate executives are making big bets on their own companies. Here are the five companies that saw the biggest combined stock purchases from insiders during the period from July 10 through July 16, according to data compiled by Insider Monitor.

1. Enovix – $US29,999,998 ($AU40,645,497)

On July 14, at $US14 ($AU19) a piece, California-based investment firm Park West Asset Management purchased 2,142,857 shares of the battery start-up, amounting to $US29,999,998 ($AU40,645,497).

Enovix started trading on the Nasdaq on July 15 after completing its reverse merger with SPAC Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition. Launched in 2007, Enovix makes 3D silicon lithium-ion batteries through sampled cells based on innovative architecture.

2. Imara – $US19,999,992 ($AU27,096,989)

On July 16 at $US6 ($AU8) a piece, company director David Bonita purchased 1,666,666 shares, amounting to $US9,999,996 ($AU13,548,495). Bonita’s investment firm where he is managing partner, Orbimed Capital, also bought 1,666,666 shares on the same day for the same price, amounting to $US9,999,996 ($AU13,548,495).

Imara, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, seeks to commercialize new therapies to cure patients suffering from hemoglobin disorders due to inherited genetic changes.

On July 16, the company closed its offering announced the pricing of its common stock, which sold at $US6 ($AU8) a piece.

3. Cricut – $US12,322,298 ($AU16,694,865)

Colin Moran, 10% owner of Cricut – a machine that cuts vinyl, paper, cardstock for hobbyists – went on a three-day buying spree snapping 364,218 shares in total.

Moran, a managing member of investment firm Abdiel Capital Management, bought 64,894 shares at $US33.93 ($AU46) a piece on July 12, amounting to $US2,201,853 ($AU2,983,181). The next day, he bought 253,953 shares at $US33.86 ($AU46) a piece, totaling $US8,599,610 ($AU11,651,182). Capping it off, on July 14, he bought 45,371 shares at $US33.52 ($AU45), amounting to $US1,520,835 ($AU2,060,503).

Utah-based Cricut went public on March 29, 2021. The company, founded in 1969, offers a line of smart cutting machines and other unique tools.

4. SentinelOne- $US8,980,368 ($AU12,167,052)

Investment firm Third Point on July 14 purchased 29,289 shares of SentinelOne at $US45 ($AU61), amounting to $US1,318,005 ($AU1,785,699). The next day, Third Point bought another 170,711 shares at $US44.88 ($AU61), totaling $US7,662,363 ($AU10,381,353).

Earlier in July, the New York-based Third Point purchased nearly two million shares of the cybersecurity company firm, amounting roughly to $US78 ($AU106) million.

The artificial intelligence-powered firm on June 30 went public in what was the biggest cybersecurity IPO in history.

5. Dirtt Environmental Solutions – $US8,980,368 ($AU12,167,052)

Investor Aron English went on a five-day buying spree of the Canada-based firm, which designs, manufactures, and installs prefabricated walls that amounted to $US7,443,210 ($AU10,084,433).

English on July 14 purchased 440,298 shares at $US4.17 ($AU6) a piece, amounting to $US1,836,923 ($AU2,488,755).The next day, he purchased 1,202,072 shares at $US4.43 ($AU6) a piece, totaling $US5,329,987 ($AU7,221,333). On July 16, he bought 22,394 shares at $US4.50 ($AU6) a piece, amounting to $US100,773 ($AU136,532). On July 18, English 25,593 shares at $US3.49 ($AU5), amounting to $US89,319 ($AU121,014). To cap it off, the investor bought 24,000 shares at $US3.59 ($AU5) for a total of $US86,208 ($AU116,799).

Meanwhile, 726 Bc LLC also snapped up shares for three consecutive days. On July 14, it bought 37,500 shares at $US4.18 ($AU6) a piece, amounting to $US156,750 ($AU212,373). On July 15, 15,200 shares at $US4.51 ($AU6) a piece, totaling $US68,521 ($AU92,836), and 7,000 shares at $US4.60 ($AU6) a piece, amounting to $US32,207 ($AU43,636) on July 16.

Dirtt Environmental Solutions, founded in 2003, trades on the Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange.