3 affordable luxury watches for the modern gentleman

Vincero Watches

To make it in the business world, you need an edge over your competition.

One simple way to do that is by wearing an elegant watch.

The truth is that in addition to telling time, a watch serves as an integral component of men’s fashion.

Wearing a modern timepiece — like those from Vincero Watches — communicates the personality and style of its wearer.

When you extend your arm to shake the hand of a potential investor or partner, one of the first things they’re likely to see is your watch, making a subtle yet strong first impression.

And if that watch features a stylish, bold design, it’s not something to be easily forgotten.

Vincero Watches gets this, which is why they’ve taken it upon themselves to create a new market of fashionable, luxury watches that are geared toward the everyday professional without the exorbitant, luxury price tag.

Here are three Vincero watches that every professional should own:

1. Italian Marble Black Verde

Picture: Supplied.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Black Verde. Fashioned from premium Italian marble, it highlights the idea that we’re constantly building and improving, aiming to cultivate a legacy that will stand the test of time — and look good doing it. As an added dose of inspiration, this timepiece also features Julius Caesar’s famed, “Veni vidi vici,” quote inscribed on the back to keep you focused and inspired during the everyday hustle.

Buy it here.

2. The Bellwether Matte Black Steel

Picture: Supplied.

Ask just about any successful CEO, and they’ll tell you that tenacity is key for making it to the top. That’s what the Bellwether is all about. Made using scratch-resistant sapphire glass, a 10 ATM water resistant casing, and an ultra-durable gold stainless steel strap, this watch is a constant reminder to stay strong and stay the course.

Buy it here.

3. The Chrono S Blue/Brown

Picture: Supplied.

When it comes to making a statement, few watches do bold better than the Chrono S. This timepiece boasts a rich blue face that’s bound with top-grain Italian leather. Whether you’re walking into a board meeting or a cocktail party, this watch connotes a refined style that’s sure to turn heads.

Buy it here.

A little about Vincero Watches…

Founded by a trio of entrepreneurs in 2014, Vincero Watches aimed to redefine a luxury watch market that prioritised cost and over quality and favoured mass-production over independent designs.

Using a unique crowdsourcing model, the company calls upon member feedback to help determine which designs to create. From there, Vincero utilizes its long-term relationships with trusted manufacturers to produce a small batch of inventory that’s sold directly to consumers. This allows customers to purchase ethically produced, high-quality watches while navigating around the high markups of retail stores.

You can find out more about Vincer’s affordable prices – and high quality designs – on their website.

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