If you love dad, we've got the beer droid and watchband toolkit he needs for Father's Day

Is this a gift for dad or for the whole family? Source: BrewArt.

Every dad is unique and special in his own way.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for dads who want adventure, who love a good beer, who want to play with the latest gadgets or all of the above!

These are our top picks.

BrewArt BeerDroid

This beer droid has really earned top spot.

A wi-fi enabled, bench-top brewery lets you create your ideal brew with ease. It’s whisper quiet and stylishly blends into your kitchen. It even knows the perfect timing for the fermentation process and let’s you control it through your smart phone.

The R2-D2 of craft beer. Source: Supplied.

You can even get add the BrewPrints range so dad can customise each brew.

Adrenaline experience

From quad bike rides to sailing, BBQ masterclasses to learning to fly… this adventure site has the best range of experiences for dad.

Oh the places you’ll go. Photo: iStock.

Adrenaline’s gift vouchers are valid for a generous three years and they’re currently offering a Father’s Day sale.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring video doorbell will let you keep an eye on your home while you’re out with motion detection zones and night vision.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Source: Supplied.

The image quality is exceptional with a 1080p camera and two-way audio system.

Most conveniently, you can now make sure your deliveries are left in a safe place.

Tread Tempo watch

The Tread Tempo watch is a beautiful Swisse-made timepiece that is renowned for its reliability and precision.

What’s not immediately apparent is that the Tread wristband doubles as a multi-tool. Tool-maker Leatherman has integrated over 20 different tools into the wristband, from screwdrivers to bottle openers. Even a handy carbide glass breaker for emergency situations.

The name’s Bond. James Bond. Source: Supplied.

These watches are hardy and durable, with a 25-year guarantee and great for dads who love the outdoors.

A brand new phone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has aced all the critics’ reviews.

Samsung has long been the market leader in photography and the sheer processing power of the phone. The latest Galaxy Note 9 is no different. It’s greatest features are now better than ever, including introducing AI to its photography so your phone optimises the camera settings for you by reading the image.

Pretty in pink. Source: Tony Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The new and improved S-pen has a great feature that allows you to take photos remotely — family portrait time!

If dad’s a tech guru, he’s going to want one of these.

Six Malt New Make Whisky from Archie Rose

If dad’s not a beer fan, we found a special treat from Archie Rose. Using six different malts to create this local Australian whisky, Archie Rose has nailed the perfect blend for a bittersweet fireside accompaniment.

Gift the socks, keep the whisky. Source: Archie Rose.

Just for Father’s Day, Archie Rose is offering a free pair of socks with purchase. Double the toasty.

Amazon Gift Shop

If you’re still not sold on these, our friends at Amazon have put together a gift shop for you.

Source: Amazon

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get your gift delivered in 48 hours.

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