This lego-style customisable mug makes for a really cool office Christmas present -- and it's 50% off today

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Coffee is the unsung hero of the office workforce, and it deserves a mug that matches its importance.

The Build-On Brick Mug does just that by allowing you to create a personal, customisable design for your morning coffee, and you can get it for half-off its retail price for a limited time.

This unique cup is designed with a familiar peg and hole surface that can be built upon using toy construction bricks. So during your coffee break (whenever you choose to take it), you can spell out your name, piece together a spaceship, or even engineer a coffee cup-mounted catapult — the only limit is your imagination.

Additional bonus: no more coworkers getting away with nicking your completely customized creation (and getting away with it).

The Build-On Brick Mug typically retails for $52 AUD, but you can save half off when you get it today for only $26 AUD [$20 USD].

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