Amazon can now help you have a better travel experience

Kindle Oasis. Source: Amazon

Travelling overseas is one situation in which you can truly say is about the destination and not the journey.

When you’re thinking ahead to sandy beaches, packing doesn’t seem so fun and the long haul flight can make you want to relocate to London forever.

Luckily, there are a few great items that can make your next holiday start from the moment you step out the front door.

To celebrate the launch of Amazon’s new travel section, we’ve put together our picks for making the whole experience a little more enjoyable.

Cut through the noise

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones $410

This is truly the greatest leap in travel technology since the Wright Brothers. Nothing else compares.

This isn’t for the crying baby a few seats behind or your chatty new neighbour. It’s about the background droning of the plane’s engines.

You don’t know true inner peace until you’ve flown with a set of noise cancelling headphones.

Catch up on some light reading

Amazon Kindle – starting at $179

For those long flights, you need to shake it up a little. You can’t always rely on the in-flight entertainment.

Bringing along a kindle can be a great way to make the trip go faster. It’s gentle on the eyes and a Kindle that has backlighting allows you to read well after the aircraft lights have been dimmed.

Poach a summer reading list from Bill Gates or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and load it up before you leave.

Comfort is everything

Travel Pillow Premium Memory Foam and accessories bundle $21.95

Once you’ve used one of these, you’ll never travel without one.

The memory foam adjusts its shape perfectly so that you’re not waking up from sleep with a sore neck. It will help you feel well and truly rested on your flight and ready to hit the ground running.

You can even compress it down into a handy travel-size so that you can pop it into your carry on.

Light the place up

Jingle Jollys 500 LED 105M Christmas Lights $37

When business class just isn’t classy enough, you can always bring your own sparkle.

That’s what one Instagram influencer did for her flight to Rome, which has since come to international attention for her unconventional in-flight accompaniment.

I’m personally impressed you’re allowed to carry these on a flight when so little else is permitted through security.

Just be organised

Colorado Leather Travel Set $129

Being organised comes naturally for some people, and for everyone else there are travel wallets.

Your passport is the single most important thing that you are taking with you (unless, maybe, you’re taking your children). You can keep your passport, key credit cards and documents with you in a stylish leather wallet.

This set comes with a luggage tag, so you won’t lose your luggage at the gate.

Get some sleep

Swisse Ultiboost Sleep $19.95

There is one sure-fire way to beat jetlag and that is simply getting enough sleep.

When you get to sleep properly on the plane you can hit the ground running and enjoy your holiday from the very beginning.

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