Take a tour of the brand new global headquarters of Insider Inc., steps away from Wall Street

Sarah Jacobs/Business InsiderCheck out our new office.

• Insider Inc., which includes Business Insider, INSIDER, Markets Insider, and BI Intelligence, moved to a new office in Manhattan’s Financial District in January 2018.

• The company was previously based in the Flatiron District.

• As international offices open in countries such as Italy, France, Japan, Singapore, and England, the FiDi base will serve as the new global headquarters.

Insider Inc. has a new home.

In early January, the Business Insider, INSIDER, Markets Insider, and BI Intelligence teams bid adieu to our previous digs in the Flatiron District. We’ve since set up shop downtown at a new address: Liberty Plaza, just a few steps away from Wall Street, in Manhattan’s Financial District.

This new workspace will serve as the company’s global headquarters for our 16 editions worldwide.

Here’s an inside look at our new office:

Business Insider launched in 2007 with a staff of five, as a fledgling tech blog called Silicon Alley Insider operating out of a loading dock.

Ten years later, we’ve landed on two floors of a high-rise building in FiDi. As of December 2017, the New York office was home to 349 full-time employees and 44 interns.

“I think the new office is a testament to how far we’ve come in just ten years and the commitment we’re making to the next ten years,” said Caitlin Harper, our director of operations and culture.

Architecture firm The Spector Group helped us build in the tools we need, like this mesmerising green screen studio …

… and a state-of-the-art audio studio to record podcasts like Business Insider’s “Success! How I Did It.”

Nods to the company’s past are woven throughout the office, like this timeline of the history of Insider Inc, which marks the launches of INSIDER, Markets Insider, and BI Intelligence.

The conference rooms, created by firm Graham Hanson Design, are named after articles that had a major impact on readers. The pattern on the doors of these phone booths is a rendering of the readership data from one of our posts about blockchain.

This hallway is decorated with a stylised rendering of the text of Business Insider US editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell’s 2016 interview with LeBron James.

And we have a mini-hall of fame: a cluster of portraits of some of our biggest interview subjects yet.

We have two main kitchens …

… which feature colourful murals made up of different headlines.

There are also kitchenettes to fuel our coffee addiction.

The lighting in the office is configured to mimic sunlight. So it’s never too dim or overly harsh.

“We wanted to give our staff an office where they can be comfortable and productive that stays true to our startup roots and our culture while offering improvements based on staff feedback,” Harper said. “As we say: Getting better every day.”

Below, see a video tour of our new space:


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