Insider Inc. is hiring a Director of Booking

Tim Stenovec/Business Insider

Insider Inc. is hiring a Director of Booking.

This person’s mission is simple: Secure high-profile interviews with CEOs, business leaders, celebrities and newsmakers for several franchises including our new daily news show, “This is Success” podcast, Ignition conference, and Business Insider and INSIDER sites.

Other responsibilities include:

-Coordinating across company to ensure all franchises and departments are getting the most out of guests coming through the door. -Brainstorming creative ways to sell our platform and viewership to potential guests. What can we offer them that other news organisations can’t? -Coordinating with marketing, PR and distribution teams to raise the profile of these interviews via social media and other efforts. -Coordinating with editors across newsrooms to ensure all platforms have distinct and compelling interviews during major news events.

The ideal candidate has several years experience booking for a network, event, or digital media brand and an impressive rolodex of contacts, particularly in tech and finance.

Competitive salary with comprehensive benefits.

Apply here.

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