Insider Inc. is launching a fellowship program

Insider Inc.Come be a part of our first fellowship class!

In March 2019, Insider Inc. will welcome the first class of Insider fellows to its newsroom. The Insider Fellowship Program will take the place of the current intern program, and will be open to all early-career journalists looking to make an impact in digital media.

We will recruit the most talented fellows and pair them with the team where they can make the biggest impact, whether they’re writing stories, creating videos, editing, researching, designing, or anything else. Their work will be seen by our audience of millions, and they will become experts in digital media. As our interns have in the past, participants in our fellowship program will end their time here ready to dive into the next phase of their careers as journalists. Meanwhile, Insider Inc. will benefit from the diverse perspectives that early-career journalists bring to our newsrooms.

Fellowship overview

Fellowships will run for six months, most based in our New York headquarters. (Some positions will be available in San Francisco and Los Angeles; see listings below.) Fellows are paid $US18 an hour, and most fellows will work 40 hours a week. For some positions, we can provide more flexibility, allowing as few as 20 hours a week. Throughout their time here, fellows will be fully embedded in the teams to which they are assigned, setting goals and doing tangible work each day to help the team produce its best content.

We’re looking for fellows across teams and job categories. No matter where they are placed, fellows will be tasked with hands-on assignments and given clear goals for their time with us.

The first class of fellows will begin in March. From there, we’ll welcome a new class each quarter, starting in January, March, June, and September of each year.

Professional development for fellows

In addition to their daily work, fellows will have access to specialised programming geared toward their professional development. Our six-month Newsroom Classroom training series exposes fellows to people from across our newsrooms who are experts in various topics, from breaking news reporting to building source relationships to writing useful reviews. Monthly fellow lunches will help fellows get to know one another and learn from the work others are doing. Fellows will have their own lunch AMA with Nicholas Carlson, our global editor-in-chief. They will also have access to newsroom events like lunch and learns with industry experts,networking panels with professional journalism groups,specialised training’s on newsroom resources, and more. Additional programming will be planned throughout the six-month fellowship period.

Who is eligible

The fellowship program is open to any journalist who wants to spend six months learning in one of the world’s premiere digital newsrooms. Most of our fellows will be recent college graduates, but there is no education requirement or age cutoff. We screen people based on their journalism and other technical skills, prior experience, subject matter knowledge, and more – show us, in one way or another, that you can do the work. You should have a clear vision for why you want to work at Insider Inc., and why you want to be on the specific team that you’re applying for. But beyond that, we are simply seeking talented, enthusiastic journalists who want to come and learn from our team.

Application guidelines

  • Please submit applications by March 1.
  • In your application, indicate whether you are available to start in March or in June 2019. Individual listings will indicate whether a position is open immediately or for a June start.
  • Applications must include a resume and cover letter. Individual fellowship positions may request additional details, such as a reel or published clips; please provide those if asked.
  • You may apply for multiple fellowship positions, but please submit a cover letter for each. Your cover letter should indicate why each particular position appeals to you and aligns with your previous experience.

Open positions

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