Life is one big party at 'Uberversity,' the monthly training program in San Francisco that Uber pays for new employees to attend

Every month, Uber flies every new corporate employee (not drivers) from around the world to San Francisco for a three-day training session at “Uberversity.”

The sessions help new staff to learn about the company, while Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is on hand for every Uberversity session to answer questions. Of course, it’s not all work. Uber employees also get to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Uber is an app that lets you order a car to your exact location. It launched in 2009 and is now in 55 countries with an estimated $10 billion in revenue.

Uber flies out staff from offices all around the world to San Francisco. Everyone gets a turn to go to 'Uberversity.'

Some Uber staff get to travel in limos.

Even the Uber app looks different during Uberversity.

There are giant screens in the Uber office showing its cities around the world.

Uber has a vending machine for hardware in its office, just like many other startups.

Uber staff get to head out and drink beer once the day's work is done.

Uber staff don't need to head outside the office for drinks, though. It has 'Ubeer' on tap.

They get to sample San Francisco's best bars.

There's food served every day at the Uber office in San Francisco.

For most Uberversity attendees, it's the first time they have been to San Francisco.

Uber reserves rooms around the city to hold meetings with people attending Uberversity.

Uber's head office is dog-friendly.

And all the new Uber staff watch the company's all-hands meeting.

Here's an internal presentation shown to Uber employees at the start of Uberversity. It shows that there are three days of work.

Uber staff are instructed during Uberversity to watch what they say and do, for legal reasons.

Employees are shown a screenshot of UberCab, the original version of Uber.

Then, Uber staff are taught problem-solving skills through things like giant Jenga.

And they have to build structures, too.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick does a question and answer session every month with new hires.

Uber serves up oysters to its new hires.

And some Uber staff hit the arcades after work.

They can win big at the arcades.

Everyone at Uberversity gets to head out for wine in the evenings.

And sample a bunch of different bars.

Uber pays for the drinks.

Staff get a sweet Uberversity T-shirt before they leave.

But they often celebrate the end of Uberversity with one last drink.

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