Look Inside The Offices Of $1.1 Billion Tumblr

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Tumblr just sold to Yahoo for $1.1 billion. We visited their offices a while back to see how they do what they do and it was pretty impressive.

In light of the big news and since Tumblr’s said they aren’t planning any major changes like a big office move, we thought you might want to take a look inside the office that just got Yahoo to shell out almost $1.1 billion in cash.

Tumblr recently sold to Yahoo for $1.1 billion. Marissa Mayer announced it (on her Tumblr) in classic Tumblr form.

The Tumblr office is on E 21 St. and that building in the background is actually home to Business Insider.

Tumblr splits its office between two floors. The top one is where most of the staff works.

Of course, a big logo on entry.

There is a book case on entry and the home of their 11-year-old Pomeranian Tommy. You will see him later.

Once you get into the back there is a pretty good view of the whole office. It spreads out across one half of the building with a kitchen in the middle.

There are balloons at each section of desks. This cluster is over the engineers' work stations.

Andrew Greene, 29, from New Jersey, is a Product Engineer at Tumblr and is working on improving the spam filters. He has been with the company for about a year.

Next we head over to the big hanging dice.

The designers sit here and they have another great view of the office.

These Tumblr mugs are all around the office. And yes, that is a really, really old computer in the background.

It belongs to Justin, he is a developer working on Tumblr's iPad app.

The computer is an old terminal that would have been hooked up to some much bigger computer in the old days. Now Justin has it connected to his Mac and uses it for his own terminal applications.

Justin got these pair of pink slippers as a gift this holiday season. They hang on a wall nearby his desk.

The tech team was having a meeting by the kitchen.

So we head to the unicorn.

And meet Jason Walton, who manages the company's office IT. Originally from Texas, he keeps the company's systems running. Before Tumblr, he worked at the Guggenheim as the head of infrastructure. He says Tumblr is a lot quieter than the museum where there were more events going on.

The kitchen is found in the middle of the office.

The fridge is covered with letters from Tumblr fans.

And some fun, and tender, complaints.

Here is a fun drawing among all the letters.

Inside the fridge.

With ice coffee on top.

Gotta have snacks.

And the office loves the Fetco coffee maker.

The other beverage options.

This is a seltzer maker. Our guide said the engineers drank so much seltzer they needed to get their own machine!

The floor of the kitchen is simple concrete, but most of the office has warm wood flooring. That is Tommy over there.

The bathrooms have Tumblrbots for signs. This is the men's room.

And here is the one for ladies.

Back into the office, we go in search of dinosaurs.

Nearby is Annie Werner, a Texas native who is Tumblr's Community Ambassador for the Arts. She has been with the company since August 2010 and works to engage artists and art institutions and helps them use Tumblr.

She sits next to Topherchris (Christopher Price)...yes that is him, Tumblr's Editorial Director and the man behind much of Tumblr's own Tumbling. He joined Tumblr in 2007, only a week after it launched!

If you've ever been to his Tumblr (topherchris.com) you know he loves dinosaurs. This one was a gift from the giver of the balloons (she is coming up).

He bought this lighter on Etsy.com from a Tumblr user and artist.

He is also a big fan of googley eyes – these sit on his cabinet.

And what is better than combining dinosaurs and Star Wars? Seriously, awesome.

It's time to get back to prowling Tumblr and the Internet for things of interest.

Here is Rachel Fershleiser, this is her fifth day at Tumblr! She came to Tumblr from the non-profit Housing Works Bookstore Cafe and is working on the company's outreach to authors and publishers.

There is a big freight elevator in the corner.

It has an old-school button.

And a recycling sign.

Tumblr art (from Tumblr users) is all over the office.

And here is Tommy the 11-year-old Pomeranian Tumblr has adopted...and for the Big Lebowski fans, yes the dog has %[email protected] papers.

She has these cool Matchbox Citroen cars on her computes. And there is another set of googely eyes.

The Tumble in...

More Tumblr art.

Here is a meeting room in the back corner of the office upstairs.

A last shot of Tommy and we are heading downstairs.

Bike racks behind the reception area...it gets a little more crowded when the weather is nicer.

The main waiting area. Meeting in session.

Some educational reading on the table.

Towards the back of the room is a big wooden table. Many of the employees eat lunch around the table, or hold impromptu meetings.

You knew they had some entertainment somewhere. The requisite ping pong table.

And meeting rooms with some cool names.

Here are some awards Tumblr has received tucked away in the Orion room.

Spidey Tumblr Art!

Great name.

And a shiny table.

A lot of meetings everywhere.

And everyone was busy at work so we are heading out.

Want to see one of the places the Tumblr guys get some of their cool stuff from?

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