Inside The Swanky Cannes Lions Parties — With Jon Hamm! — That You Weren't Invited To

cannes party advertising weird costume

This week, the advertising world stopped so that its elite could fly to France and drink, dance and network the heck out of the Cannes Lions ad festival on the Riviera.

The Lions have already generated controversy—did Google’s agency really deserve that media award?—but that wil be forgotten in time.

What will remain are the photos: images of fabulous yachts, beaches, and no-holds-barred parties.

Since it’s the Instagram era, their exploits have been preserved for posterity.

The days were filled with parties on boats, villas, and on the beach.

But don't worry about getting lost—Google Maps was there to pinpoint your way (as well as bikes to get you there, thanks to Arnold Amsterdam).

There was lots of drinking at the beach.

Some attendees preferred pool parties at the Villa St Antoine to those at the beach.

There were also #fuckingamazing chateau parties.

But the real theme was yachts.

Too many yachts to know which one was yours.

Le sigh, life is just so much better when you're spending it in the French Riviera on a yacht.

Not quite pretentious enough? Here's a caviar party at Plage des Sports.

Of course there was entertainment for a less refined crowd, too.

Advertisers' favourite celebrities even made appearances. Here's Jon Hamm/Don Draper sipping cocktails at Mcgarrybowen's party on Tuesday.

One lucky Instagrammer spotted President Bill Clinton.

And then there was Hello Kitty. (Something for everyone!)

Things really got started when the sun went down.

Here are some hooligans enjoying the Cannes Lions Opening Gala.

And the younger generation gathered at the Young Lions soiree.

Although there were parties every night, things got really crazy Thursday, the only night without awards.

A lot of this happened.

Which led to this.

Google's party had stroboscopic ice cubes.

Ogilvy hired some dancers.

And whatever these things are crashed Massive Music's party.

Massive Music's event also had the DJ spinning at a booth shaped like a giant Xerox machine.

Although, oddly enough, there were real outdoor copy machines at some events.

Bright lights served as a great distraction.

Kooky costumes were encouraged.

Good luck back at the office Monday!

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