Inside The Mind Of Silicon Valley's Most Iconoclastic Billionaire Investor

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Like many people, it’s worth listening to billionaire Peter Thiel because of the impressive things he’s done. He was CEO of PayPal. He was Facebook’s first outside investor. He cofounded Palantir, yet another multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley startup.

Unlike most people, it’s also worth listening to billionaire Peter Thiel because he says and believes interesting things. He thinks too many people go to college. He’s developing off-shore libertarian colonies. More than await it, he is investing in the dawn of a superior artificial intelligence.

This past semester, Thiel taught a class at Stanford. Stanford student and Amicus Labs cofounder Blake Masters took careful notes. Today we’re going to go through those notes on Thiel’s lectures, and, as we do, post what we learn on the site.

Masters’s headlines his notes with the following quote: “Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it.”

We’ll also collect those tidbits in links, posted here:

  • The Difference Between People Who Study Engineering And People Who Study Humanities
  • Other Than In Computers, civilisation Basically Stopped Progressing In The 1960s  
  • Why Companies, Not Governments Are The Solution
  • Companies With More Than One Office Dangerous Investments
  • The Chess Concepts That Teach Us About Human Nature — And The World Of Business
  • PETER THIEL PRESENTS: Everything You Remember About The 1990s Is Wrong
  • Peruse Masters’s notes, and tweet anything interesting you see @nichcarlson.

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