Inside The Mind Of Dick Fuld

How awesome must it be to live inside Dick Fuld’s head? 

We don’t mean that it would be awesome to be Dick Fuld, although if pressed we’d probably accept losing hundreds of millions in exchange for a lifetime of wealth and dozens of millions to pass on to our progeny.

What we mean is that it would be great to be able to step inside Fuld’s brain every now and then and, momentarily, meet up with the demons of avarice and pride who seem to reside there full time. We’re especially interested in visiting his brain ever since we learned that his lawyers are fighting hard to keep the ruins of Lehman in the hands of Fuld–who is still, shockingly the chairman of the now bankrupt company, running the parts not purchased by Barclays and others–and out of the hands of a court appointed trustee.

Us: Oh, hi. You guys still live here?

Pride: Stay out of our way, puny mortal. We are legion.

Us: Um, OK. We just thought it would be harder to stay in control up here in Dick Fuld’s brain after everything that happened.

Avarice: Actually, we sort of expected to get the boot at some point too. But you have no idea how well suited this guy’s brain is to our occupation. Even after we wrecked Lehman, we’re still here.

Pride: You mean, after THEY wrecked Lehman. THEY failed to bail us out. THEY short sold and rumour mongered us to death. THEY…

Avarice: Yelling doesn’t help us make money. Let’s get back to this whole No Trustee for Lehman project.

Us: Like, you mean, you guys are going to try to keep Lehman under control of the very people who wrecked the firm, cost investors billions and wiped out many creditors?

Pride: Yes! It is outrageous that they would try to take Lehman from our Dick! Who is this Ralph Nardelli, the NY comptroller, to think he can disparage Dick Fuld.The comptroller has resorted to unfounded accusations, rumours and gross speculation to accuse the debtor’s management, and in particular, the chairman and former chief executive officer, Richard S. Fuld, with gargantuan misconduct, incompetence and mismanagement without a single shred of substantive supporting proof.

Avarice: Nardelli fails to recognise that Lehman was a victim of a financial tsunami that was beyond its control.

Us: So you guys are going to argue against a trustee taking over and liquidating Lehman?

Avarice: Actually, that’s what lawyers are for–making the arguments of Pride and Avarice.

Us: It’s much, much more fun in here than i ever would have thought. But you guys don’t leave much room to move around.

Pride: Thanks. You da man! We’ve actually been growing lately, taking up room. Squeezing out competition.


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