We Were At Whitney Houston's Funeral And Here's What We Saw

Whitney Houston

Photo: AMW

Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Kevin Costner, Clive Davis and countless other friends and family of Whitney Houston said farewell today and celebrated her “home going” to her hometown and final resting place: Newark, New Jersey.But six blocks from the church, behind the police barricades, hundreds of members of the media gathered to cover the superstar’s last main event—while fans took to the streets to remember their hometown hero.

Whitney Houston songs blared from parked cars, People were selling everything from T-shirts to photographs, and hundreds of Newark police officers patrolled the area to make sure press and fans behaved themselves.

Welcome to Newark, New Jersey! Home of the late, great Whitney Houston.

I arrive to a police barricade...

But join my peers inside (still six blocks away from the church) in the designated press area.

CNN had the largest setup. Piers Morgan, Soledad O'Brien and others were on hand to fill an entire day's worth of live coverage.

E!'s Chief News Correspondent, Ken Baker, was also on the case.

The AP set up camp in front of a glorious Newark backdrop.

Media satellite trucks lined the streets in front of abandoned apartment buildings.

NBC: the only network who thought to provide their crew with sandwiches and coffee. Most press arrived at 6am.

News outlets will do anything to get the shot.

Still photographers lined up against a fence facing one of the church entrances.

I asked a photographer sitting on a ladder to take a picture of his view and this was the result. The balloons were brought to the church by fans.

Rev. Jesse Jackson arrives to the church early and is the only high profile guest to go through the press entrance.

Newark PD patrolled the streets on horseback, making sure no one went within six block of the church. But past the barricades...

Newark neighbours showed their love and support.

People peered out of their windows (upper right) to see what all of the commotion was about.

Whitney fans spoke to the press.

This woman was selling pictures of Whitney Houston on cardboard paper for $5.

This man was selling Whitney Houston T-shirts for $10.

Keychains for $5.

Fans were signing their names on this large sketch of Whitney. The fan who brought it planned to send it to Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's daughter.

Fans ranged from old to young.

Whitney's most adorable fan ever.

This Whitney fan came from Philadelphia to pay her respects.

This mother of two prayed aloud.

These fans just wanted to be a part of the action.

This man was selling roses. I didn't see anyone buy one.

This saxophonist played along to Whitney's greatest hits that were being blared from the pick up truck behind him.

This lady was choosing the songs. And swaying her hands back and forth to fully feel the music.

This woman danced along to the live saxophone.

A crowd of people gathered in front of the CNN truck which had a TV monitor playing the funeral.

Whitney remains loved by her former neighbourhood.

Thanks to Captain Slotnick, I got a ride back to the train station.

Cue my ride.

I wanted to play with these, but I didn't.

Thanks, officers!

The Newark train station.

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