25 pictures that take you inside the luxurious mansions of the super rich

Charleston mansions along waterSean PavoneThe mansions of Charleston, South Carolina.

We’ve given you a glimpse into the fabulous lives of the super rich — and noted some of the outrageous things they can buy with their billions — but perhaps more representative of their extravagant lives are their lavish homes.

Thanks to CNBC’s show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” which returns on March 30, anyone can take a peak¬†behind the closed doors of the richest of the rich.

We sorted through CNBC’s Instagram account,¬†@cnbcsuperrich, and gathered pictures of some of the poshest homes out there.

Dare to dream!

Their penthouses look like something from the future.

There's no need to travel to the real Arc de Triomphe when your patio looks like this.

If the infinity pool or jacuzzi get boring, the Atlantic is just a few strides away.

Their staircases are covered in gold.

And so are their ceilings.

AND their faucets. Because why not rinse in style?

Their home libraries make hard work a little less hard.

And doing laundry is a little less annoying with a laundry room like this.

Their mega-mansions are pimped with multi-million-dollar home theatres.

And baller bowling alleys.

Their living rooms are casually outfitted with palm trees. And can you spot the grand piano?

Moats aren't just for ancient castles.

The super rich ACTUALLY sleep like kings.

Their courtyards look like this ...

And their basements like this.

You'll never have to BYOB to a dinner party with the super rich.

And there's no need to hit the town post-dinner with a home bar like this.

There are crystal chandeliers in the living rooms ...

And in the bathrooms.

An indoor rooftop pool is always nice.

Or an 'indoor-outdoor' pool. As soon as the weather starts looking ominous, press one button and a glass wall descends to separate the two sections.

They need spiral staircases to navigate their three-story mega closets.

The views are flawless.

Who needs vacation when you wake up to this?

Or this?

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