Inside The Macau Casino VIP Room Where The Minimum Bet Is $1.6 Million

China’s Sky 32 is one of the most elite casino lounges on the planet.

Perched on the 32nd floor of the Galaxy Macau casino and resort, the VIP mecca has gorgeous views, diamond chandeliers, and six opulent rooms where high rollers must commit to betting at least 10 million yuan — that’s $1.6 million — per visit, according to Bloomberg.

The Macau casino finally opened in 2011 after nine years in development ,with the hope that its luxurious amenities, 600 gaming tables, and 250 suites would attract China’s wealthiest patrons.

And despite worries that there would be a government crackdown on Macau gambling, Bloomberg reports the luxury VIP betting business has fared well.

In fact, the Galaxy Macau Casino raked in $38 billion in revenue last year, more than six times that of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Galaxy Macau is a mega-casino resort in the Cotai strip that cost nearly US$2 billion to build.

Galaxy Casino in Macau

In March of 2013 alone, it raked in $3.9 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Galaxy Casino lobby in Macau

Its VIP lounge is on the 32nd floor. This is the elaborate lobby that greets Macau’s high rollers.

attached image

Everything about Sky 32 is opulent, even the areas where guests aren’t betting. Take for instance this bar and restaurant.

Galaxy Casino Sky 32 VIP lounge in Macau

To play in this VIP setting, patrons need to be willing to bet a minimum of $1.6 million per visit.

Galaxy Casino Sky 32 VIP lounge in Macau

There are six rooms that span the floor, including this intimate gambling area.

Galaxy Casino Sky 32 VIP lounge in Macau

And don’t forget to enjoy the view — both inside and out.

Galaxy Casino Sky 32 VIP lounge in Macau

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