Inside The Crazy New Offices Of Billion-Dollar Startup Airbnb

AirBnb offices

Photo: Chad Riley

Airbnb is a pioneer in short-term rentals for travellers.The San Francisco startup helps people rent their places out to visitors by providing them a template to post pictures and a ready-made market of interested travellers. It then takes a 10% cut of each sale.

Despite a scary moment earlier this summer when a renter’s apartment was ransacked, the business has been growing like crazy. 

That helped Airbnb raise a $112 million round earlier this summer, and put it into the ranks of the new billion-dollar startups.

A few months ago, Airbnb moved into a new office in the sunny Potrero Hill neighbourhood. The company is proud of its crazy new design, and while it’s closed to tours, they were willing to share some photos with us.

Most impressive: the conference rooms were designed after listings on the site, like this mushroom-shaped cabin.

Start by walking down this long hallway. What's that in back?

It's the old PanAm logo on the wall. The windows make it look like the inside of an aeroplane. PanAm was synonymous with air travel back in the day.

The office itself is pretty swanky, as fits a member of the billion-dollar club. Those chairs look comfy!

HR head Jabu Dayton chills in the padded reading nook with her dog, Biscuits Jackson.

But the coolest part are the conference rooms, which were designed after AirBnb listings. This one is based on a mushroom cabin in Aptos, California.

Here's the original.

Now head into this conference room.

It's based on an apartment in Hong Kong. That's online marketing manager Maria Hwang with her head down working.

Here's that place in Hong Kong. Airbnb worked with the apartment owners to get the details right, all the way down to that picture on the wall.

Here's an outside view of a couple more conference rooms.

This one looks like an artist's pad in Berlin.

They even got the curtains right.

See? Here's the original.

This one is based on an apartment in Soho, New York.

It's packed with art.

Here's what the original looks like.

The kitchen is just a kitchen, although those coloured fridges look pretty cool.

While the guys get an antelope's head.

Now, check out what it's like to work at another billion-dollar startup in San Fran.

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