Inside The $1.3 Billion Business Of Making Cute And Funny Apps


PopCap is one of the most popular mobile game developers in the industry.

They’ve made blockbuster hits on the Apple App Store like Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle and Bejeweled.

Then they were bought by Electronic Arts for $1.3 billion.

So, how do you become like PopCap — and build games, then sell for $1.3 billion?

Luckily PopCap’s franchise business director Giordano Bruno Contestabile has a good explanation of just how PopCap got there. He gave a presentation at Business Insider’s Mobile Advertising Conference today.

Here we go! How to break into the hugely profitable world of mobile gaming.

PopCap makes a ton of very popular games — particularly Bejeweled.

After launching in 2000, Bejeweled has become one of the most popular games in the world.

Then, EA bought PopCap for $1.3 billion. It brought with it a ton of players.

So, what's happening in the gaming industry right now?

Everybody is playing mobile games. Including in the bathroom (and no, not in the shower).

A billion new people have started playing mobile games since the year 2000.

It's now a much older audience playing these games — though it's still predominantly male.

Mobile games are growing much faster than other games — including the Wii, which was seen as a big player in casual games.

Games are the most popular apps in the world — and that's where all the advertising money is.

But how do you make a mobile game?

Well, it's not THAT easy. But if you stick with these six key features, you should do fine.

If your game is fun, everything else will fall into play — and your players will watch advertisements!

So how do you advertise in a game?

There are a bunch of ways! Pick the one that works best with your game.

You want to give players an incentive for interacting with a brand. Give them rewards in the game!

For example, include sponsored content. Make a player's city better if they use content from Dr. Pepper.

Or give them a faster car if they buy sponsored content from Sears.

Or give them an edge over other players!

It's that simple!

Here's a game that's taking off like a rocket...

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