Inside Richard Branson's Cheerleader-And-Champagne Party At Philly International Airport

BransonBranson lifts a Virgin employee (and cheerleader for the day) while waiting at PHL for a Virgin flight from LAX to make its first landing.

Photo: Aly Weisman/Business Insider

When Richard Branson launches Virgin America airline service to a new destination, it is no mundane affair.On Wednesday, we traveled to Philadelphia International Airport to watch Branson kick off his latest cross-country flight service from Los Angeles and San Francisco to PHL.

Prior to the inaugural flight’s touchdown, Branson celebrated the day by manhandling cheerleaders, dancing to disco music and treating guests to an open bar and Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Philadelphia natives such as Amber Rose and Seth Green got in on the airport action.

It seems Branson’s golden touch can make even the dreaded activity of flying seem sexy.

Cheerleaders (actual Virgin employees) get ready to welcome the first flight from LAX to PHL.

These stewardesses even have pom-poms.

Richard Branson gets in on the action, lifting up this unsuspecting cheerleader before the plane landed.

Talk about a hands-on boss!

The eagle has landed! Fire hoses on either side of the plane create quite the entrance.

Branson goes face to face with his aircraft.

And then climbs into the cockpit to wave to press.

Model/musician Amber Rose (who hails from Philly) departs the plane and walks the red carpet on the tarmac.

View from the top.

Time to party in the Virgin America terminal at the PHL airport. Want a hot dog?

Seth Green wants a hot dog.

He also approves of Virgin's personnel.

Amber Rose is Virgin America's #1 fan.

Party-goers could engage in a game of airport flip cup.

Eat a native philly cheese steak sandwich.

or grab a chicken nugget skewer.

Even the officials approve of the party.

Time to call it a day. Cheers!

Now that you got to see an afternoon in the life of Richard Branson...

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