'Inside Out' may be Pixar's best film yet

Inside out pixarDisney/Pixar‘Inside Out’ is already being hailed as a masterpiece.

Pixar continues to top itself with nearly every new film it makes.

Their latest, “Inside Out,” doesn’t open until Friday, but it is already sitting at an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from 35 straight reviews.

Before general audiences were able to see a single frame of it, “Mad Max: Fury Road” also briefly sat at 100% this summer. It was dethroned a few days later, but at 98%, it isn’t doing too bad, either.

Hype has been slowly yet strongly building for “Inside Out” ever since footage first debuted. Rave reviews came out when it screened at Cannes back in May. The script brought stars Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler to tears.

Those who have seen it are comparing it to some of Pixar’s best movies. The comparison may come with merit, as it stacks up well next to the Tomatometer of a few of Pixar’s best films:

Toy Story“: 100%

Toy Story 2“: 100%

Toy Story 3“: 99%

Finding Nemo“: 99%

UP“: 98%

And here’s how “Inside Out” ranks so far against some of this summer’s biggest movies:

Mad Max: Fury Road“: 98%

Avengers: Age of Ultron“: 74%

Jurassic World“: 70%

Could “Inside Out” remain on top all summer?

“Inside Out” will be released in theatres Friday, June 19.

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