This video shows the first detailed look inside Notre-Dame Cathedral after the fire

ABC NewsABC News was the first television crew to get a look inside Notre Dame Cathedral following last month’s devastating fire.

For the first time after a devastating fire ripped through Notre-Dame Cathedral nearly a month ago, a television news crew was invited inside to see the damage the blaze caused and the work that’s been done so far to return the 800-year-old church to it’s former glory.

ABC News anchor David Muir was given a tour of the cathedral by Jean-Louis Georgelin, who French President Emmanuel Macron has tasked with leading the restoration.

Piles of stone and wood still lay in a heap in the nave of the church, where the spire and most of the roof collapsed.

Notre dame 7ABC NewsMuir (left) was given a tour of the 850-year-old cathedral by Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin (right), who French President Emmanuel Macron has tasked with leading the restoration efforts.

But miraculously untouched was the cathedral’s famous stained glass “Rose” window. Notre Dame’s organ was also in one piece, but Georgelin told Muir there’s still work to be done to access whether the pipes were damaged by water, lead, and ash.

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Notre dame 3ABC NewsThe cathedral’s famous ‘Rose’ window was undamaged.

While the alter itself was crushed under the falling roof, the gleaming gold cross behind the alter was undamaged, and was seen in many of the first pictures inside the cathedral following the fire.

“The entire world saw the cross of God shining despite the fire,” Georgelin told ABC News.

Notre damePHILIPPE WOJAZER/AFP/Getty ImagesSmoke rises around the alter in front of the cross inside Notre-Dame Cathedral as the fire continued to burn on April 16, 2019.

Workers inside the cathedral wore protective suits and masks while they worked, because of the hundreds of tons of lead that burned in the blaze. They undergo routine blood tests to keep an eye on the amount of lead in their system, ABC News reported.

Macron wants the church to reopen in five years, which experts have called optimistic. But Georgelin believes it can be done.

“Nothing is impossible to a French general,” he told Muir. “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Watch the full ABC News video below:

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