Japan's coolest design company just made gorgeous 'huts' for minimalist living

MUJIA Muji hut.

Muji is a brand by design nerds for design nerds.

The Tokyo-based retailer sells sweetly minimal home goods from diffusers to beanbag chairs to dinnerware. Now it’s selling homes, too. Following the latest fashion, they’re tiny. No word yet on cost, however.

Here’s a look at three “Muji Hut” minimalist homes, which company representative tells us will “hopefully be available” in 2016.

The huts are like prefabricated cabins.


They're the sort of thing you might want to spend a weekend in.


'Whenever I think about going to the country for the weekend, I start imagining a small house with everything needed for a short stay: a place to cook, a place to eat, a place to wash, and a place to sleep,' says British designer Jasper Morrison, who collaborated on the project.


'The dream usually collapses when I think of the complexity of building a new house, but with this project I realised there was a chance to design such a house as a product rather than a one-off,' he says.


That's the promise of the Muji hut. A cosy, beautiful home...


... that's ready to be ordered.


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