Inside Mozilla's Amazing Office Space In San Francisco

Mozilla view headquarters

Photo: Boonsri Dickinson

Mozilla, the nonprofit organisation that runs the Firefox project, has more than 450 million users worldwide and is known for its open source projects.It’s just as open in real life. Mozilla treats volunteer developers as nicely as they treat their staff. They even give them office space.

And what a space it is! Mozilla just moved this summer into a new headquarters on the San Francisco waterfront. Check it out…

Here we are, outside an old brick building near San Francisco Bay.

Mozilla employees and community members work out of this SF location.

Mozilla PR Erica Jostedt gave us a tour today. Her title is Spinderella. It actually says that on her card.

Mozilla has always been about the open web. Their youngest hacker volunteer is only 12.

Jason Haas is doing a student engagement video. He's one of the community managers at Mozilla.

Mozilla is a global company, so many of the conferences rooms are rigged with video conferencing tools.

Mark LaVine just joined Mozilla in January. He's working on PR with Jostedt.

Tara Shahian is on the creative team.

This is where the engineers sit.

Engineer Myk Melez used to have long dark hair.

There's an engineer who was actually a movie star back in the day.

Stuart Parmeter started hacking when he was 16. He was in the movie Code Rush. Look on the computer screen... You see that girl? She was his prom date!

He started coding because he was bored in high school. But he actually started at Mozilla as a volunteer, then was hired by Netscape in 1999. He rejoined Mozilla in 2005.

Mozilla swag is popular at this company. In Asia, Mozilla gives out cute stickers.

These are prototypes of pillows...

Here's the cafeteria.

These German tech guys don't work here, but are part of the Mozilla community. They are working on making the mobile web faster.

Joel Braddock does work here. He is getting the room ready for a video conference.

This is an iPad that they use to control their presentations.

Diane Bisgeier is in charge of the Web FWD program. WebFWD is sort of like Y Combinator but for web projects that are open source.

WebFWD is Mozilla's accelerator/incubator program for the open web. Today, Japanese students came to find out more about social entrepreneurism.

This is where the CEO Gary Kovacs sits.

This is his view. That's the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland and points east.

This is probably the best view in the city.

What a spot to have a meeting! Michael Verdi, on the left, is on the support team. And David Tenser is director of support.

He took off his shoes.

There's Wi-Fi and a place to plug in.

Jealous of the view?

They plan on getting more of these. Like 30 more.

Back to the street, with the Bay Bridge looming overhead.

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