Take an inside look at the New York offices of Facebook, LinkedIn, and 7 more high-profile employers

Facebook NYC 4904Sarah JacobsFacebook’s New York office is filled with beautiful art.

Picture an office.

You’re likely imagining a drab cubicle farm or a jumble of desks crammed together. However, there are some pretty incredible offices out there. At Business Insider, we’ve gone on numerous tours of amazing workspaces around New York City — including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the cool workspaces we’ve visited:

Jacquelyn Smith, Jessica Mai, Courtney Verrill, Emmie Martin, and Tanza Loudenback contributed reporting.

Facebook's Manhattan office is filled with amazing artwork created by both resident artists and employees. These works give the space a creative vibe.

Sarah Jacobs

Celebrity sightings aren't uncommon here. If you look closely at the office's 'wall,' you'll see many famous autographs.

Sarah Jacobs

Employees also enjoy numerous perks, from VR tests to gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At LinkedIn's Empire State Building office, visitors enter through this bright blue, almost futuristic central lobby. It's a pretty striking effect.

The office has plenty of other little surprises, like this red lounge. 'Concealed behind the curtains are elevator doors that no longer open onto the floor and historic marble panels that must remain intact,' Lauren Foley, IA Interior Architects's lead designer on the project, told Business Insider. The red curtains are also a nod to the cult show 'Twin Peaks.'

Sarah Javobs

The office even has its own speakeasy, tucked away behind this wall of rotary phones. Employees can congregate here after work, to host happy hours and mingle.

Employees at Uber's Chelsea office sometimes need to use scooters and skateboards to get around the massive, former warehouse where they work.

Every week, the entire office gathers to eat breakfast together and listen to presentations.

Hollis Johnson

A fully stocked kitchen, with wine, beer, and coffee on tap, allows employees to mix work and play at office-wide happy hours after work.

Yelp's Manhattan office takes music seriously. Upbeat songs keep its large sales force motivated throughout the day.

But there are also a number of quiet spots to recharge.

Hollis Johnson

Yelp employees also enjoy tons of perks, from ping-pong to an office café.

At Kickstarter's Brooklyn office, the main attraction is the rooftop greenery. The green space features plenty of chairs to lounge in and even a vegetable garden. Dogs are welcome.

Hollis Johnson

Downstairs, the office is filled with unique gifts from creators, like this picture, which depicts the solar system on the day Kickstarter was founded.

Hollis Johnson

The social hub of Kickstarter's HQ is the kitchen. Every Thursday, employees gather here for a family-style lunch.

Gnomes are pretty much ubiquitous around Birchbox's Manhattan office. They're the company's mascot, chosen for being a symbol of hard work, community, and collaboration.

Courtney Verrill

One of the most fun perks here is the office's 'PR Closet.' It's chock full of products and samples.

Courtney Verrill

The office also features cute swings for any employees in need of a break (or just some whimsy).

Unsurprisingly, dogs rule the roost at Barkbox's office in New York City's Chinatown.

Emmie Martin/Business Insider

The office pups can mostly roam freely, but employees must abide by 'off-leash' hours to keep things from completely going to the dogs.

Emmie Martin/Business Insider

The office is stocked with plenty of treats for both dogs and humans.

Spotify's New York City office has its own studio, where artists can come and create Spotify original content.

Tanza Loudenback/Business Insider

The office also features cool decorations, like these portraits of famous poets.

Tanza Loudenback/Business Insider

There are musical collectibles on display, like these drumheads. They have been signed by recording artists like Nate Ruess and Joss Stone.

Tanza Loudenback/Business Insider

See the full Spotify office tour »

In Etsy's Brooklyn office, 50% of the furnishings in the entire building were made by local artists and Etsy sellers.

Sarah Jacobs

All together, that's about 750 pieces of furniture and light fixtures.

Sarah Jacobs

Environmental sustainability was a major consideration in refurnishing the building. Etsy has been a certified B Corporation since 2012, which means that it is held to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.

Sarah Jacobs

But if employees want to take a break from their beautiful office, they can always take in these great views on the roof.

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