We went to Hinge's booze-fuelled London launch party

Hinge, the dating app that connects users to people in their social circles, just launched in London.

To celebrate, the company held a glitzy party in a London hotel rooftop bar and invited some people along for champagne and real-life conversation. We went along to see how excited people were about another dating app arriving on the scene.

The party was held on the top of this building: Sea Containers at the Mondrian Hotel on London's South Bank.

The party was on the top floor and the views there are pretty impressive.

Hinge is about meeting people you might know in real life. It doesn't select random people from a set area, but those you might otherwise see at a dinner party, or a gathering of old school friends.

The app says users find 'real people,' 'through real friends,' and in 'real life.' It's big in America. These two were chatting away nicely.

At dinner parties, there's usually wine. The party had a free bar for the first few hours, which Hingers (people on Hinge, we've decided), made the most of.

There were lots of comfortable booths at the bar, where people could do some Hingeing, you might say.

You had to sign up to the app to get into the event. These women had all joined for the London launch -- and were enjoying a few glasses of champagne to mark the occasion.

Hinge has been described as a sort of sophisticated, refined version of Tinder. These two said they were fans of the app.

You still have to scroll through potential matches and swipe, though. This guy was on his phone before we took his picture.

But although swiping is the name of the game, there's room for a bit more personal detail on profile pages. After all, the more interesting you are, the more likely someone will want to talk to you.

Hinge is the idea of this man: CEO Justin McLeod. He was at the party too. We chatted to him briefly.

Justin McLeod, founder and CEO of Hinge

He said the app expanded to London because 'everyone knows each other,' which is a bit confusing. Not everyone in the room was acquainted.

There was lots of mingling.

And a more relaxed atmosphere outside, where you could admire the bright lights of London.

These guys were Hingeing away nicely inside at one of the candlelit tables. Check out the nice Hinge sticker on the man on the left.

Here's another Hinger. She was having a good time.

We found these guys at the bar, taking a selfie.

As the night went on, people got more adventurous. There was dancing, and lots of people were wearing the free sunglasses that Hinge provided.

Not everyone wore them.

The app also included an 'after party' function over the course of the night, which allowed Hingers to find and meet the people there -- if they hadn't talked to them already, or had met someone but didn't get their number.

Which is partly the point of dating apps -- find people you want to date in the hectic modern world. Just look how busy life is these days.

At around 12 we left the remaining revellers to it and ordered an Uber from the lobby downstairs.

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