Inside Frank Sinatra's Glass Castle Where The Rat Pack Used To Rendezvous

Marilyn Monroe Rat Pack Frank Sinatra

Located 40 minutes outside of Beverly Hills, the super modern Farralone Estate sits atop a 3,000 acre nature preserve.

Despite being 50 per cent made of glass, the home is extremely private and can only be seen via helicopter—which alone is worth the $12 million price tag for sought after celebs.

Good thing Frank Sinatra owned the home pre-paparazzi mania, because old blue eyes used to bring his Rat Pack gang there for star-studded parties and weekend getaways.

One of Sinatra’s frequent visitors was Marilyn Monroe, who would stay in the 1,000-square-foot guest home with it’s own private pool, and as rumour has it, is where she would rendezvous with President John F. Kennedy.

But before Hollywood’s A-list took over the joint while Sinatra owned the home for over a decade, the heiress to the Chase Manhattan Bank fortune, Dora Hutchinson, commissioned the house to be built for her and her Playboy husband in the late 1940’s.

And the 10,000-square foot, four bedroom, five bathroom home with 16 foot glass walls has withstood the test of time.

Images courtesy of Zillow.

The modern home sits atop a 3,000 acre nature preserve.

After entering through this private gate ...

you pull up to Farralone Estate.

Living room boasting 16 foot glass walls.

50 per cent of the home is made out of glass, yet can only be seen via helicopter.

Dining room, where Paul McCartney once shot a music video.

Master bedroom, where Frank Sinatra slept.

Bedroom sitting area.

Master bathroom.

Guest bedroom.

Marilyn Monroe used to stay in this guest house with personal pool during the time she was seeing President John F. Kennedy.

Today, it acts as a work out room.

Back porch.

The pool during daylight.

The pool at dusk.

Now take a video walk through the property ...

Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe frequented this property ...

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