Booze, BBQ Grills, And Breaking Things: Check Out Facebook's "Swinging" London HQ

Facebook London

Photo: Adam Taylor / Business Insider

We were in London last month and thought we would check into Facebook’s London offices, in a swanky area near Carnaby Street.The company announced it was opening an office in 2007 (read Facebook’s blog post about it here). The office opened in January 2008.

While Europe’s regional Facebook HQ is in Dublin, they have a number of other offices in important European cities, of which London’s is the largest.

The office currently has over 70 members of staff. Teams work on sales, marketing, platforms, platform engineering and policy/communications.

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The offices are located just off Carnaby Street..

(Note the beautiful British summer time)

...the centre of the swinging sixties and still a very fashionable area.

Once inside the building we're greeted at reception by Fiona, who didn't enjoy our unexpected intrusion.

Palo Alto this is not - this is an old part of London and the workspace is relatively cramped...

...however there are still a lot of typical Facebook touches.

The meeting rooms are named after areas of London. This one is named after Hyde Park, the most famous of all the London parks.

Here's here's a poster that helps get the Facebook team motivated.


This map, in one of the meeting rooms, shows Facebook usage across the world.

Here's Joanna, who moved to London from the New York offices to become VP of the EMEA. She have the best wallpaper in the entire office!

On each desk there is a set of these stickers. The idea is that the Facebook journey is only 1% complete.

Even in London people are sick of this poster.

Here's one of the sales team rooms. The teams told me that when AllThingsD's Kara Swisher visited in 2009, the conversation at one point turned to artificial insemination for lesbian couples.

Unfortunately our conversation didn't take that turn. Here's Kara's tour from 2009.

A bit of a morale booster on the wall there.

Yes, this is definitely a sales office. The group deals with both agency and clients.

There's another couch in the second sales room.

Here's the second sales room.

Here Sophy, Facebook UK PR and our guide, chats to sales team member Jacqui.

Paul and Phil from the sales team mug for the camera. Note the alcohol -- this seems like a sociable office...

Facebike, the Facebook London bikerack.

At Facebook UK, there's even a bbq for grilling...

...which comes in useful for the companies roofdeck.

Over the rooftops of Soho you can just about make out the London Eye.

Want to see more of London's tech scene?

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