The notorious 'King of Instagram' threw a raunchy presidential campaign launch party and I had a front row seat

The last time we heard of a party thrown by Dan Bilzerian, it included giraffes, mermaids, and cameo appearances from Vin Diesel and Ludacris.

So when we found out Bilzerian was visiting New York City to host a party in support of his 2016 presidential campaign, we snapped up a ticket immediately. 

Known as the “King of Instagram,” the controversial Bilzerian has 10 million followers on the platform. His photos, full of guns, money, and models, have earned the professional poker player online infamy and even a profile in GQ.

Now, the Rand Paul poker pal says he’s running for president. The party held last night at the Marquee is the first stop on a multi-city campaign tour. Bilzerian is hitting Boston tonight.

But as it turned out, the event wasn’t all that different from a typical night at the club. Aside from the American flag-themed decor, of course.

Scroll through to see what his party last night was like.

Guys in button-down shirts and suits started lining up outside Marquee at 11:15 p.m.

Inside, the bro fest continued. I asked one guy if he thought some girls might arrive later. 'Hopefully,' he said.

I finally found a big group of women in the corner. They told me they came in with a promoter.

Another woman told me she'd come on her own from Dallas, Texas, and was staying in a hostel for four days to hit the city's tourist traps and attend the party -- all solo.

As the night went on, the crowd became more mixed.

These two friends and Bilzerian fans partied on the club's upper level.

The Marquee is a pricey place. Vodka-clubs set partiers back $18 a pop.

The VIP section was in the middle of the club. People were having a great time in there.

I asked one party-goer what he liked about Bilzerian. He said, 'He's got the girls with the big D's.'

Another guy told me he'd vote for Bilzerian for president because he thinks he'd legalise prostitution.

Bilzerian arrived around 12:30 a.m. Some members of his entourage got creative with his Bilzerian '16 bumper stickers.

Bilzerian got cosy with model and med student Megan Belet.

His fans snapped as many photos of him as they could while he partied.

Bilzerian's next stop is Boston. His campaign merchandise is available at

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