Underground Construction Photos From NYC's New $2.4 Billion Subway Station

mta hudson yards subway construction

Photo: MTA

Even as it is busy recovering from the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy and building a new subway line under Second Avenue, New York City’s MTA is undertaking a huge project to extend the 7 line from Times Square to Eleventh Avenue on the West Side.The $2.4 billion project is expected to be complete in a year’s time, and include a brand new station at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue.

By 2020, the MTA expects it to be the busiest station in the city, with 35,000 subway riders passing through the station in a single hour at peak times.

The MTA provides regular updates on its progress, and has published images of what the completed station will look like.

Once the station is completed, this is what its main entrance will look like.

Here's a breakdown of where everything will go.

Across from the Jacob Javits centre, a ventilation building is under construction.

But most of the work is going on underground.

By April of 2011, much of the 'cavern' had been excavated.

By June, MTA workers were turning the empty space into a subway station.

And starting to lay down tracks.

But even in January of this year, some excavation was still going on.

Here's a view of the process from the outside.

In a recent video, Shawn Kildare from MTA Capital Construction pointed out the progress made in the past year. Arches and electric wiring have been installed.

Escalators and stairways will lead to the underground upper mezzanine level.

In about 12 months, they will connect to the main entrance at ground level.

The station's stairways will be about 30 feet wide, to allow plenty of people to move up and down.

The station will also be home to the MTA's first inclined elevator.

Noted by the yellow arrow, it will lead from the upper to the lower mezzanine level.

Now see what the whole Hudson Yards project looks like.

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