A Photo Tour Inside Apple's Headquarters

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Photo: Flickr/Ferran Rodenas

Ever wonder what it’s like inside Apple’s office?Good luck getting the company to open up its doors to photographers.

Luckily, a lot of people have taken photos inside Apple’s HQ and posted them on the web.

We’ve gathered a lot of the photos from a collection posted at the Apple Gazette.

The funny thing about Apple’s HQ? It’s pretty dated looking. For a company obsessed with sleek design, it’s main campus looks dated.

No wonder it’s building a brand new headquarters.

Here's the reception as you enter the building

This is one of the atriums. It's a very bright, sunny space, but that chair looks a little old.

To help deal with some of that light, it looks like Apple has a special shade that covers some of the windows.

Apple has a basketball court! Who knew?

Who says you can't have fun at Apple? It might not be Google, but it's got a foosball table.

And here's what it's like looking into the office of an employee. Seems pretty standard.

The cafeteria looks a little dated. This is Caffee Mac, where you can get some pretty good food.

Now we're inside the town hall. It's a mini theatre with a stage.

And here's a really secretive spot at Apple -- design guru Jony Ive's lab. Too bad he cleared out all the prototype gadgets before cameras showed up.

Want to see more photos from inside Apple?

And here's photos of the new HQ Apple is building

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