What Really Happens In A Muslim Slaughterhouse

WARNING: A goat is slaughtered in this video. At Madani Halal, a pick-your-own slaughterhouse in Ozone Park, Queens customers can choose their livestock or poultry which is killed on site, butchered and packaged to be brought home all within a 20 minute timeframe. Imran Uddin is not your typical halal slaughterhouse owner. He used to work in advertising at McCann-Erickson before taking over his father's business in the early 2000s. His decision to do so was captured in the documentary 'A Son's Sacrifice.' These days Uddin's modern approach to traditional halal slaughter practices translates beyond his loyal, local immigrant customer base and has attracted top tier chef in New York from restaurants such as the Breslin, M. Wells, Fedora and Left Bank. He also has a growing numbers of hipsters coming in who are interested in digging deeper into the question of where their food comes from. The term 'halal' which means permissible or lawful in Arabic is used to describe not just the slaughtering practice, but the lifestyle itself. Uddin is discerning in determining where he sources his animals from. His preference is pastured raised, organic and he works primarily with farms in Lancaster, PA. He also takes great care to ensure that his slaughtering techniques have the least impact on the animals themselves. After reading Temple Grandin, he's tried her cradling techniques to calm goats and lamb. For many Muslims, attending the slaughter of the animal before it's consumed is a family affair as was the case the day we visited. Produced by Alana Kakoyiannis. Follow us on YouTube >

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