A Parisian Restaurant Is Making Beetles And Grasshoppers Look Pretty Tasty [PHOTOS]

Le Festin Nu (The Naked Feast), a t
rendy establishment in the 18th arrondissement of Paris,just added insects to the menu.
That makes them the first restaurant in the capital city to do so.
Elie Daviron, Le Festin Nu’s head chef, imports insects from Thailand at a cost of 500 euros per kilo (about $US690 for 2.2 pounds) and sells the grasshopper, beetle and water scorpion dishes, among others, for between $US9.50 and $US12.50, the French edition of Marie Claire reports. The insects arrive in salted and sealed packages.

Daviron told the AFP his clientele doubled when he started serving insects last week.

Believe it or not, the restaurant is right on trend. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation encouraged insect eating in a report issued in May, citing fairly well-known facts that insects are a good source of protein, good fats, calcium, iron and zinc. And people already eat bugs all over the world.

French chef Elie Daviron stands in front of his restaurant Le Festin Nu in Paris' 18th arrondissement.

Le Festin Nu is the first restaurant in Paris to put insects on the menu.

Chef Elie Daviron shows off a giant water scorpion imported from Thailand.

Daviron prepares aperitif dishes at Le Festin Nu with grasshoppers imported from Thailand.

Grasshoppers arrive in salted and sealed packages from Thailand before chef Daviron prepares them.

This dish at Le Festin Nu features beetles imported from Thailand.

Chef Daviron garnishes a grasshopper dish at Le Festin Nu.

This is how the grasshopper dish is presented to customers at Le Festin Nu.

A journalist samples the insect dishes at Le Festin Nu.

Apparently, grasshoppers are not finger food.

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