Insane Red Bull Video Shows Biker Acting Out A Childhood Fantasy

BMX rider Danny MacAskill made an fantastic new edition to his MacAskill’s Imaginate series. The video transforms a child’s imagination into MacAskill’s reality.¬†

Redditor otiotori posted the link on /r/videos on the website

The story begins with a young boy playing with his toy biker:

Danny MacAskill Red Bull Video

Suddenly the toy transforms into MacAskill himself:

Danny MacAskill

He starts doing tricks on the boy’s bedroom BMX park:

Danny MacAskill

He flips over blocks:

Danny MacAskill Red Bull BMX Video

Toy soldiers hijack his bike:

Danny MacAskill BMX Red Bull Video

He plays Twister:

Danny MacAskill BMX Red Bull Video

The video plays to the sounds of Swedish rock band Houston’s cover of “Runaway.” Watch the incredible full video here:

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